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Own Hashtag NFT with Tag protocol


You should totally check this out think about owning some digital real estate by owning hashtags on social media platforms. When you own them you get to stake the data and that allows you to make profit and cryptocurrency here is the information next year they implement Instagram so when you on this one on Twitter you will automatically on the one on Instagram


- launching July 21st. Trading pool begins 30 days after launch. Following up with stacking that allows you to earn the native tag coin by staking your NFT and gaining rewards from the social media use of the hashtag YOU OWEN

World’s first data-driven #NFT that turns #hashtag’s into NFT’s! Get your daily rewards based on Twitter performance!

NFT’s are going mainstream now thanks to #SaturdayNightLive: #SNL

TAG Teaser Video:

Dr Dre’s son Curtis Young on how TAG and NFT’s will change the music industry:

Curtis Young and TAG Records social media music concept:

Here is WHY I decided to join #TAGProtocol and why am excited the world's first data-driven NFT opportunity!

Buy a $300 NFT using BSC (Binance Smart Chain) at

Simple add to your Dapp wallet (meta mask for iPhone and trust wallet for android) use this

Referral code:


Follow us for updates at:

Telegram group:

Facebook group:

Twitter: @tagprotocol

We are proud to make our #GITBOOK public.

It will provide you all relevant information about Tag Protocol project in detail.

An introduction to TAGProtocol:

*🚨🚨🚨Every increase 5,000 hashtags sold, price increases $50.

*Limited supply of 100,000 hashtags. Price increase almost 600% at this point. Last 5,000 hashtags will be sold for $1,150. (600% increase.)🚨🚨🚨



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